Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer packing services?

Yes, we offer comprehensive packing services to ensure your belongings are securely packed and ready for transport. Our experienced team handles everything with care, using high-quality packing materials to protect your items. Whether you need full or partial packing assistance, we’ve got you covered.

Why should I hire professional movers?

Hiring a professional mover will result in a less stress and an easier, safer move all around. Moving can be both emotionally and physically draining and handling delicate or bulky items with care requires specific moving skills and experience. Moving safely and successfully requires specialized equipment and experience, not unlike other trades.

What type of trucks do you use?

We use 24 to 36 foot box trucks and trailers. Every truck is outfitted with professional moving pads, dollies, toolkits, bungies, and everything else necessary to get you from point A to point B in the same condition you left in.

Is there a time-minimum?

For labor only moves, we have a 2-hour minimum. For full-moves with a truck, we have a 3-hour minimum. If your move extends beyond the minimum, then you will pay in 15-minute increments based on our hourly rate.

How much can you fit into a truck?

We have 26-foot box trucks which typically fit the equivalent of a 2000 square foot home. This of course depends on the individual but that is a relatively good rule of thumb.

Can I leave clothing in my dresser when I move?

Absolutely! For your convenience, we recommend that you leave your belongings in your dresser drawers and the movers will wrap it to make sure your items are secure.

Do you offer out of state moves?

Currently, we do not offer moves that cross state lines. However, if you are moving within Texas, we are happy to help!

What happens if my movers arrive late?

For morning moves we provide a 30-minute window of arrival to account for traffic conditions. For afternoon moves, the arrival window is 1 hour as it depends on when the move before yours finishes.

Is there a deposit? Is there a cancellation fee?

Things happen! We completely understand that plans can frequently change. We do not require a deposit in order to reserve a move slot with us. If you must cancel or reschedule, all we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible

When do I pay for my move?

Payment is collected at the end of the move! The movers will stop the clock and then let you know the total cost of the move. We accept all major credit cards, cash and check.

Can the movers arrange the furniture to my liking in my new home?

Absolutely! When we deliver your items to your new home, the movers will work closely with you to make sure all furniture and boxes arrive in the correct rooms.

What is a trip fee and why are you charging it?

If you are moving outside of a free service zone, we charge a one-time travel fee. This travel fee covers the cost of the gas, the truck, and paying our movers for the period in which the truck is empty (either going out to you before the move starts or traveling back to our facility once the move has ended).

Do you offer loading/unloading of rental trucks or pods?

Yes! We provided labor-only moves that include unloading or loading customer provided truck, trailer, pods, etc.

What happens if I have multiple drop off or pick up locations?

Adding multiple destinations is not an issue at all. There are no additional charges but, obviously, driving around to multiple locations will take extra time. Since we operate on a per hour basis, that means the cost will be higher. We do not stop the clock while driving from one place to another.

Can my movers assemble and/or disassemble furniture?

Yes, in fact, sometimes furniture disassembly is required in order to move a furniture item safely. Often this includes removing mirrors from dressers, taking apart beds, removing table legs, etc. Everything that we disassemble will be put back together by our team at the other end. Our movers come with their own fully stocked tool bags, so they have all the tools they need and these services are included in our hourly rates.

Do you have insurance?

We are insured in Texas. In fact, all moving companies are required by the Texas Department of Motor of Vehicles to carry insurance and offer liability for damaged or lost goods. If a company is operating legally and is registered with the DMV, then they automatically provide “valuation” at $.60 per pound. This means that we, and any other moving company for that matter, are liable for any items broken, lost, or damaged at $.60 per pound of the item. This type of mover’s liability is regulated by the TxDMV, the Texas Department of Insurance.

How much should I tip my movers?

As with other service industries, you may wish to thank your movers by offering a gratuity if they do a wonderful job. Keep in mind that gratuity is not expected but is certainly appreciated. On average, our crews typically receive tips that are around 10% to 15% of the final bill. But of course, if our team did a outstanding job, you can leave more if you would like!

Do I add my tip to the bill or leave cash?

Cash tips are usually preferred but you can leave a tip for your movers on a credit card if you prefer.

What can I do to ensure that my belongings end up in the correct spot at the end of the move?

Being present and giving directions at the destination address will be the best way to ensure the move goes smoothly and everything is in its correct place. Also, making sure all the boxes are labeled correctly will help as well.

Do you cover office or commercial moves?

Definitely. No company is too big or small for the professionals at inNout Movers to handle.